Wildcat Enclosure 2012-2013

January 2014

The wildcats house was completed in 2013 and the cats have moved in and taken well to their new and larger surroundings.

Lottery funded class room is under construction (January 2014)

This year we hope to complete new homes for our Kinkajous, Monitor Lizard and raccoons and Raccoon dogs!!!

12th January 2013

The enclosure is now 3/4s finished.
Inside is complete, just got to finish the boarding of the back and add some furnishings, oh, and a door might come in handy!

01st November 2012

The builders have ben very busy, we now almost have an outdoor enclosure for the Wildcats, just some roof and logging to go on.
Special thanks to new volunteer Davy for creating the ‘Highland’ scene in the wild cats inside house.

02nd August 2012

The start of the new wildcats enclosure. Foundations in and first panels up.