New Weatherings

Over the past few years, we have slowly added to the weatherings for our birds, to provide cover from the increasingly wet and windy weather. We have added new weatherings at the front of the centre and also added some new aviaries wherever we could find a few available square feet.

The picture above shows how the front of the centre used to look, we first added some low level weatherings as a temporary measure as shown in our next picture.

Later on though, we decided to go with full height weatherings, which were easier to get in and out of with the bird and easier to keep clean as we weren't on our hands and knees!

  The new aviaries were built in 2008 and as at the start of 2009 are housing a Perlin and American Barn Owl and Jilly, our Harris Hawk.
   The following picture show how the area used to look, you can just make out the Chipmunk house on the right. The mess is because the picture was taken during the reconstruction of our main aviaries, you can read about both these projects in this section too.

This picture shows the final aviary of the three nearing completion, followed by pictures of the completed aviary and the two aviaries which join on to this one.