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February 24, 2015 - 01:16 PM
Janine Hartland

Visited 22/02/15: Our 3rd visit to Gentleshaw and our 2nd zookeeper experience in the morning, with an added Bird of Prey experience in the afternooon. The zookeeper experience was as lovely as previously, but this time we interacted with some different animals. The lousy weather meant the Bird of Prey experience was in the classroom, but because the other people due to do it had rescheduled due to the weather it was only us two and we felt like we were getting a personal experience!! Not that everyone doesn't already get made to feel like a VIP when they undertake an experience here! Again the committment of the staff to the welfare of the animals was patently obvious. Will keep spreading the word about Gentleshaw - and the zookeeper experiences are great value! Have got another one booked for the very near future!

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