Rhesus House and Enclosure

In 2005 work was completed on a complete rebuild of our old Rhesus Macaque enclosure, the picture above shows the old outdoor enclosure on the right and the old indoor house on the left. This picture was taken as the framework for the indoor extension was being put up, which is 3 times larger than the old unit.


Once we had completed the new indoor area, we moved the monkeys indoors whilst their new outdoor area was assembled. The old outdoor area had been up for many years and as the monkeys are highly destructive, they had done a lot of damage so we decided to replace it with a brand new steel enclosure which was impervious to their attacks, it was built by Reeves Kennels. The outdoor unit was extended to give the monkeys more freedom and a wider choice of swings and toys and can be seen in the pictures below along with the finished indoor unit.


The monkeys often like to sit in the window of the indoor unit and watch people passing by.