Raccoon / Wildcats Enclosure
Back in 2005, we decided to try and give our eledery Raccoons a bit more space, in the picture above, you can see the old enclosure in the foreground. In the background, work had already begun on extending the enclosure and putting a nice background around it. We added a pond and rocks to climb on and an outdoor shelter.
Here's one of our Raccoons enjoying a paddle in the new pond.

In 2007 we rescued a family of European wildcats so the Raccoons had a new enclosure build for them and the wildcats moved into this one as there were more of them and we felt they needed the extra space. As our Raccoons were getting on in years, (we have since sadly lost two to old age), we felt they would be happier in a more secluded area and so their main enclosure is not as "public" as this one.

When the wildcats arrived, we added a 'safe area' for getting in and out of the enclsoure as they were far from friendly. Don't let those cute kitten expressions fool you, they may look like a domestic cat but their temperament says otherwise and they grew fast!