Puma Enclosure

One of our other main projects for 2008 was to rebuild the old Puma enclosure shown above, it took a lot of fund raising nd some sweet talking to the bank manager but it had to be done.

As with the Rhesus enclosure, we decided to go with a fully steel construction, before we could build that though, the old one had to come down and quickly as this picture was taken on the weekend when the new enclosure was ariving that Monday!

Luckily, our crew of mad volunteers once again came to the rescue, some even travelling nearly a hundred miles to spend the day tearing down the old to make way for the new.

Here are some pictures of the stages of "de-construction", the task at hand, all this had to be cleared in a day, not least because Kira had to be kept indoors whilst the work was done.

All hands on deck...and roof..and ladder...
Cleared, amazingly, it looked very open!
Monday, Reeves Kennels arrived to put up, here it is in mid-construction.
The finished enclosure, complete with a new pond, outdoor house and all new ramps and ledges for Kira to explore.
The lady in question surveys her new home.