New footpaths

In late 2007 we applied for a Lottery grant to re-do our footpaths to improve access for our disabled and infirm visitors as our old paths, (pictured above), were getting difficult for wheelchairs to get around. Our grant was approved, though we had to pay a portion of the cost ourselves as the fund was not for the full amount. In December 2007, the work was undertaken as the centre had to be fully closed, we chose to do it when we are at our lowest in terms of visitors.

It was a very messy week, all the old paths were dug up leaving mud everywhere, the flying area resembled a rubgy pitch after a particularly busy game and all the new aviaries were covered in concrete and mud. None of the animals minded, in fact the monkeys were positively enthralled with the goings on.


It was highly distressing seeing the centre in such a mess and took ages to clean up afterwards, but the results in the end were worth it and the new paths are fantastic. Since they have been completed, many of our regular visitors have commented on how nice they are and those who are in wheelchairs have said how much easier it now is to move around the centre.


Below are some pictures of the paths after being dug out, then the finished product, the final picture showing the re-cleaned aviaries as well!