The 'Muriel'   (...that's a Mural to you and me, or 'Painting The Wall' :-) )

July 2013

More work done on the mural, slowly expanding, due to the mural being in the main customer pass through area, we have to juggle getting it done with not causing any disruption for our customers.

The artist has been travelling 80 miles each time to do work on the mural for us in her spare time, we are delighted to say though that she has recently relocated to the area and is now our Local resident Artist!

Jan. 2012

‘tis growing! We now have a monkey up a tree! (His eyes need a bit of work, but our artist has been ill so he's waiting patiently)

Jan. 2012

Our rainforest is growing...

April 2010

No, we haven't abandoned work on the tree painting, but our artist has been a bit poorly so hasn't been able to work on the tree as much as she would like.
Managed to get some done before the Easter madness though!


    Artist, trustee and general useful woman, has begun a rather fab painting on the wall of our reptile area.

She is painting a rainforest, complete with lizard! It’s a massive task but is already looking brilliant.
All done free hand (show off!).

Pictures of initial design and our Jill, working hard….or is that hardly working?!! :-D