Coati Mundi Enclosure

In September 2008, we started work on the rebuild of our Coati Mundi enclosure to make it larger and to also give them a brand new indoor area.

We started on the indoor area first so the old boys had a nice warm place to stay whilst the outdoor was repaired and extended. They have more platforms and ladders to climb on now, an extra viewing window and they have had a sand pit built in for them.

Vinny was in first and went straight to the sandpit for a quick dig. Oliver took a little longer to come inside but within about 30 mins both boys had found their way around.

Unfortunately, with the outdoor section, what was going to be a relatively cheap job completed in a day or two turned into an expensive big job! The new frame work was up and ready to be added to the back of the outdoor area, it was due to be placed on top of the existing base. Unfortunately when we started the bottom was found to be as rotten as a pear. In the end we had to have a whole new section and back panel done, so ended up taking longer than expected, had hoped this would be an easy little improvement but Murphys law once again came into play!

Here is a picture of the outdoor section almost completed, the front of the outdoor was already tall, so we lifted the back to match in order to give the lads more climbing space. After this we put the new substrate in, new plants (Yes they have dug them up several times already!), a few new platforms/ ladders and shelters along with a new hammock and a few other climbing bits put higher up for them.