Chipmunk House

Having found ourselves with quite a few Chipmunks and a couple of ground squirrels to look after, we decided to give the ma nice big home instead of having to stay inside the reptile area. I know what you're thinking, there's no house in the picture above! Well, you are right, this patch of ground was 'commandeered' to become a nice sized house with both fully covered and "open" areas with a mesh roof.

Once again, Dave the builder was drafted to put the whole thing together and try to make it as 'Chipmunk proof' as possible. The finished house was made with plenty of viewing areas which were at a child friendly height.

The following pictures show the house completed, it is surprising just how much you can fit into a small space if you have to! As you can see from the first picture, like many of our residents, the Chipmunks do love to see what is going on and are quite fond of posing for the camera.