Center Aviary Rebuild

One of our major projects for 2007 was to replace our main aviary block. This was 14 years old and needed to be replaced, you can see how it used to look in the picture above.

Despite our best efforts, we were unable to get any more land so the aviaries were built higher than they were originally, to give the birds a little more space. The block will house mainly owls, with a redesign so our Snowy Owls and our European Eagle Owl had larger homes as well.

As we don't have the space for us to be able to house our birds eleswhere whilst the aviaries were rebuilt, we had to settle on shifting the birds around and tackling two aviaries at a time. The picture below shows two of the first under construction.

Here is our Builder 'Dave The Bike' working on completing the roof of the first section. We were lucky to also have several of our volunteers who decided a "fun" way to spend their weekends would be to help to dig holes, move concrete posts and generally wear themselves out!
The results speak for themselves, our new aviaries in all their glory, the birds took to them straight away and with surprisingly little fuss. They should also be easier to keep clean due to the concrete panels keeping the wooden frames away from the floor. Which also hopefully means the frames will last a long time!