'Cats and Bats'

02nd August 2012

ITS DONE!!!!!!! Bats moved in, well settled and although you have to peer for them, they have plenty of room to fly about now.
Work has now continued on the cat house. Foundations in and first panels up.

The start of the new wildcats enclosure

28th April 2012

Don’t get too excited, but the interior is finished!!!!!

Just the door strips and wheelchair ramps to go in and we are done. Bats due to move in next week.

A day spent catching bats, sounds like fun to me. Yay!!

28th April 2012

Sarcophagus almost done and walls looking good

An authentic Eqyptian!

02nd April 2012

Undercoat is now on, paint now being splattered (mostly on Mrs.Smith, Mom, appreciate the hard work but your redesign of your clothing is costing us extra in paint!)
Getting excited now, Bob the star electrician is almost done, Carpenter Ken is now painter Ken and the end is now in sight, Yippeee.

We let her out of the office occasionally...

25th Feb. 2012

The bat enclosure now looks like an Egyptian tool shed, complete with ancient Egyptians (Dave & Ken!).

We now have windows (thanks to everyone who sponsored a bat!) and I have made some Egyptian hieroglyphic tiles which look very authentic next to the power saw!

The next task it to rub down all of the wood work before we can start the fun bit of painting and decorating.