The Tawnies

01st Nov. 2012

All have now been returned to the wild successfully. The 2012 babies all grown up, (that's the year, not 2012 babies hehe).

20th June 2012

The Tawny owls have another addition to their number, the little fella in the middle is trying his best to look big even though he is still quite fluffy!.

20th June 2012

'Pond' the Tawny owl – found tangled in pond netting.
She had a nasty flesh wound to her wing but 2 weeks and a little treatment and she is now back where she should be.

Ok, yes, you need to look closely at the second picture. Honest, that blur in the red circle IS an owl. :-)

May & June – Both bought in to the sanctuary within a day of each other. Arrived aged about 4 weeks. The are now almost 6 weeks old and very bad tempered, which is perfect. They were feeding themselves straight away and have not required any handling.