'Grubby Toes' The Tawny

3rd Aug. 2011

All our Tawny casualties are now in secluded aviaries.

The youngsters are developing well and should be out in the wild in another couple of weeks.

12th May 2011

Now out in a secluded aviary, Grubby toes is growing well.

His feet were cleaner when he moved out so he may have to have a name change!

20th April 2011

Had our first baby tawny owl of the year in.

He was found in a truck depot and his feet were black with oil and grime.

He is aged around 6 weeks and is very feisty.
He is feeding himself fine and accepts that a tube provides his dinner!

Soon be out in an aviary.

..12th September 2011 - Lumpy was one of several tawnys successfully released back into the wild.