Larry the Bearded Dragon

20th Sept. 2013

Really annoyed at humans today. 7pm last night, we got a call out from Pets at home in Wolverhampton.
A couple, standing at a bus stop, heard scrabbling coming from a discarded nappy box, inside was a Bearded dragon.
The couple took the discarded dragon to the pet store, who kindly kept it warm and contacted us.

If you can no longer care for your pet, at least give it a fighting chance, dumping a reptile in a cardboard box on a rainy September day is not ‘doing the right thing’.
We know, like ourselves, most rescue are full to the brim, but there is never any excuse for discarding an animal like a piece of rubbish.

Named by the staff at the pet store, Larry is doing well, has had his long claws clipped, warmed up and eating well.

To add insult to injury, a vet brought an injured Barn owl in for us to check over today.
The beautiful bird, a young male, had been shot. His wound was maggot infested and was too severe for anything to be done for him.
(Obviously, we are not including an image of this as it is far too distressing).

Such a beautiful creature, probably only a few months old, lost because of an inconsiderate and vindictive person.