Hellmans The Tawny

27th July 2010

   We did some repair work on Hellmann's wings, unfortunately some of his feathers were too badly damaged to fix. He is in for a while longer.

15th April 2010

   Another slow process.
Hellmann’s is doing well. Most of the stickyness has gone but some of his primaries are damaged. If the next couple of washes don’t help he will have to have some new ones fitted.

He can now fly, but only short distances.
He looks, and smells, a bit better now though! :-)

24th March 2010

   Hellmanns (its a great nick name...just wait for it!)... Was found tangled in a fence. He is a Tawny Owl.

On closer inspection the poor little guy’s wings were coated in a glue like substance. His primaries were stuck in a solid, sticky lump on both sides. Some of his chest feathers had got stuck to the wings too. He could not fly and looked a sorry state.

Sometime later and after several warm, soapy baths, he was just as sticky. We got advice from a local vet who gave us some cow teat wipes, these also did nothing.

Contact with the owl’s finder gave no clues as to what the sticky substance was, which made dealing with it even trickier. We then contacted a specialist avian vet, after asking him to repeat the treatment he recommended several times I made my way to the café here.

They gave me a pot of guess what?..... Mayonnaise! Following the vets tips, I coated the little feathers sticky wings in the mayo, left it for 15 minutes, rinsed and reapplied several times and hey presto, the feathers gradually got better.

He will need 2 new end primaries as they were too badly damaged but he is now able to fly and apart from smelling a bit gross (not that he knows) He is doing really well.

Apparently the oil in the mayo helps to neutralize sticky resin and it does seem to work.
Note: Other Mayonnaise brands are available!