Baby Kestrels

19th Aug. 2010

The babies have all grown up, they were joined by another youngster and the 3 were returned to the wild after some hacking back.

The aviary roof was lifted and Holly shot out straight away, Holly and the 3rd kessies waited 25 minutes before they left us.
We were then treated to a rather fabulous flying display.

It was a breezy, sunny afternoon and all 3 hung around for about 30 minutes, hovering and generally playing about.
The pictures are a little dodgy but you can see the Kessies, doing what they should be doing, it was THE way to see birds of prey, flying free and really enjoying themselves.

27th July2010

One word, growing!!!!!

Now out in a secluded aviary, both acting very wild and shouldn't be long before they can go.

10th July2010

Holly came first.
We were called out to a lovely house called the Hollies for a Tawny owl, when we got there we found ‘Holly’ a young (around 6/7 weeks) Kestrel. A bit too young to fledge, she couldn’t fly and was brought in as she was sitting in the middle of a cat infected garden with no signs of Mom or Dad.

Herbert was brought in as a baby Buzzard (Herbert was the rescuers surname). Found in a field on the floor, this little chap is only around 4 weeks old. The strong winds at the weekend are probably to blame for the youngsters being dislodged from their nests.

Having the two is great as they can now be reared together. Both are feeding themselves, both dislike humans and although they may be with us for a while, the risk of them becoming imprinted on humans is extremely low, they don’t get to see their dinner ladies and move from one hospital unit to another without human interference so we can keep them relatively clean.

Will keep you posted on their progress, they sure are cute!