'Foxy' the Buzzard

29th Sept 2010

Every now and then you inevitably get attached to a patient, Foxy, at long long last, was retuned to the wild, fit, healthy and in fine feather.

He went out to a new territory as he has been away form his for so, long it was unlikely other Buzzards had not taken over.

The picture is not brill which is a shame as this was, to me, quite a momentous occasion!

He was sighted 2 days later on a rabbit carcass left in his release site.
Hope fully we shall not have the pleasure of Foxys company again, perhaps he can stay out of trouble.

27th July 2010

His fitness training and hacking back is going well.

He has almost finished his moult and now looks much better.
He still has a little way to go but he is improving everyday.
I will be really pleased when this soldier goes back to the wild.

April 15th 2010

Foxy is just not moulting well at all. We have added some vitamin supplements to his food and he is easting a good diet and plenty of it. So far there is little sign of re growth. Just a waiting game at present.

Feb 22nd 2010

Foxy is doing great but is going to be with us for some time. His mouth infection is completely cleared up but
his feather condition is so poor although he can get around the secluded aviary, he would never be able to fly properly.

He will have to stop with us until he has molted, there is too much damage to be able to imp
new feathers in. He is feeding well and should start to molt soonish.

He will then have to be hacked back to the wild due to the amount of time he has been with us.

Jan 2010

Foxy was found to have a lump on his tongue.
It is not affecting him at all and is not growing but is being checked out. That coupled with the bad weather has meant that he stayed with us over Christmas and is still with us now.

He sure can eat, and poo!


I had a little trip to Lichfield to collect a male Common Buzzard.
Foxy had been spotted in a field looking sorry for himself. His rescuer had caught him up, put him in a live fox trap to keep him safe and given him a bowl of fresh steak!

Foxy was thin but not injured and much perkier for the bowl of dinner!
He is a bit scruffy, few broken feathers but he has been eating well and flying around and should be good to go shortly.

When I took the picture earlier he had done a huge poo up the back wall. It did not look pleasant and I was not going to disturb him so I have ‘tided’ up the picture to the best of my abilities. He’s not getting anymore steak though!!