19th Aug. 2010

Second Sparrow hawk made a full recovery and after plenty of exercise and muscle building, she went back where she belongs.

19th Aug. 2010

To add to the influx we had another kestrel in, a youngster who went with our other young kestrels, see the 'baby Kestrels' page.

The Barn owl and Little owl sadly died.
The Barn owl’s injuries were more severe than first suspected and the Little owl died a few days after having his leg splintered. That was really sad as he was only a baby.

The Kestrel with both wings broken was put to sleep, she would not have recovered from her injuries suitably to be returned to the wild due to the location of the breaks and we do not keep wild disabled birds in captivity.

In better news, the Sparrowhawk with the hairline fracture healed beautifully and was released on Tuesday this week, see picks of her taking off and getting her bearings in a tree, you will have to look closely!

The second Sparrow hawk is doing well, her wing appears to be healing nicely and shortly we will know if has healed properly.

27th July 2010

Rule No.1 of rehabilitation, NEVER comment on the hospital being quiet.
This weekend we had in . . .

Mature male Barn owl, slight concusion, nothing too serious, he is feeding well and is off back out tonight.

Immature Little owl.

Nasty break to right leg, has been splinted but it's going to be an awkward one to fix.

Immature Kestrel, female, 2 broken wings!

One is a neat break but the other injury is a compound fracture.
Off to vets shortly for prognosis, but not very hopeful.

Female Sparrow hawk, hairline fracture of right wing, doing well so fingers crossed.
Female Sparrow hawk, broken left wing, quite a bad break and very close to the joint.
Thats it, I'm off for a lie down!